Wellbeing Coaching for School Leaders

No-one understands the practical and emotional challenges that school leaders face like another school leader. I draw on my experiences of thriving, surviving and struggling as a school principal, over 15 years, to support other school leaders to flourish in their roles.

School leadership can be a very isolating experience, leaving headteachers, principals and other senior leaders more vulnerable to occupational burnout.

I provide a safe and confidential environment for you to share your anxieties and fears and support you with finding solutions.

Occupational burnout is a real risk for school leaders at all levels. It can can render you

  • physically and emotionally exhausted and depleted;
  • feeling detached from your role and the people around you and
  • performing less effectively in your professional role.

There is now a significant body of research to demonstrate the benefits of one-to-one coaching in the avoidance and recovery from burnout.

Coaching provides time for you to reflect upon your own needs with someone who has shared similar experiences. Coaching supports your mental and emotional wellbeing and helps you to avoid or address a burnout situation. It can help restore your energy, passion, drive and effectiveness in your role.

Please contact me for a free consultation to help you decide if I am the right coach for you.