International School Wellbeing Tracker Tool

Over the past year, many educators and leaders from international schools have asked me if there is a tool to help schools evaluate, monitor and improve international school wellbeing. I have been working hard on developing such a tool over the past 6 months, which is launched today with School Improvement Tracker, a well-regarded UK-based company that provides tracking tools to support school improvement.

The International School Wellbeing Audit provides a comprehensive blueprint for community wellbeing in international schools. It is specifically designed to account for the unique needs of international schools in a range of contexts and includes a focus on all stakeholder groups including students, staff, leaders and parents. The audit provides recommendations for schools to improve community wellbeing in the following areas

  • Positive School Culture;
  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Anti-racism;
  • Physical and Mental Health Awareness and Support;
  • Staff Recruitment, Roles, Workload and Professional Development;
  • Student and Staff Conduct and Behaviour and 
  • Orientation and Transition.

This is the only evaluation and tracking tool currently available that provides such a comprehensive guide to wellbeing in international schools. It is completely research-based and represents best practice in the field of school and workplace wellbeing. It takes account of the standards of all major international school accrediting agencies. 

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