Improving Workplace Culture in Schools

With Dr Helen Kelly

About this Topic

Most schools underestimate the importance of workplace culture. Yet the research shows that as many as half of staff feel the culture of their school has a negative impact on their wellbeing. There is also a growing body of evidence to demonstrate that a sense of belonging at work, positive collegial relationships and psychological safety bring enormous benefits to the workplace, including improved motivation, engagement, job performance and higher levels commitment to the organisation. A positive workplace culture also decreases absenteeism by as much as 75% and cuts staff turnover in half.

In Improving Workplace Culture in Schools, school wellbeing expert Dr Helen Kelly shares tools and strategies to foster a sense of belonging for staff, improve the quality of collegial relationships and build psychological safety.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to create a shared purpose for all staff
  • Identify barriers and contributors to belonging in your school
  • Explore how to foster respect and civility
  • Discover how to build a safe environment where all staff can flourish

More Info

60 to 180 minute interactive workshops

Content to fit your school context and needs

In person or online

Up to 200 seats in person or unlimited online

All workshops include a pre-engagement call with Helen

Packages of 3-6 workshops for a deeper dive